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woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Then and now 1: Antonius van Padua

NEW PROJECT, but a bit smaller, and slower, after that "Century". I'll walk through my home town to see what is still standing, after the war and the madness of our politicians.
(I don't have to apologise for that in Nijmegen: here it's common knowledge.)

Problems and technique.

I wanted to end the "Century" with a picture of a church, built in 1915, made with a camera constructed in 1915. I did so, picture was O.K., and then discovered I went to the wrong church, hà! So, first advise: know where you're going...

I plan to take the pictures with the 1977 Praktica LTL 3, and the Super Albinar 28mm because that's the widest angle I have, and there will be a lot of modern buildings standing in the way, so very often I'll have to come nearer than the earlier photographers did.

For that "old feeling" I use a blue filter: looks somewhat orthochromatic. But: that was never so "ortho" (= right), the advise was to use a yellow filter always. I don't like two filters at the time so I use an old trick: overexpose. The gelatine layer will function as a yellow filter (was the theory then).
Because I still use that RolleiRockhard (~Agfa 80) I overexpose and underdevelop anyway, for the softer contrast, and maybe that kills the yellow filter effect, but ehhh...

So, first picture today, the 1915 built Anthony of Padua, still standing now, but there are plans to demolish it.