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dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

The Eighties

To me, the Eighties are defined by (chlorine)water. Mirror-telephotography with two Metzes, or almost drowning with two Calypsos. Behind the horizon was something called "digital", but in 1989 I still bought a nF1 - what did I know...
But I also bought me a nostalgic Lubitel166B - not the real bakelite thing, but nevertheless.

The film at that time: probably HP5 in HC110, but I also tried XP1 - not bad, but "experimental".
The portrait is made with the Nikkor 2,5 35mm I still use on the Nikonos: great for really bad weather. The UW28 is for Under Water only.

In the Canon (tired: shutter works only at 125 and faster, mirror definitely needs viagra) was RolleiRetro80 again and - see below - at 50 ASA and 30% underdeveloped it is usable.)

In the Lubitel I had today good old HP5 - with a Russian 2.8 orange filter. Fun.