Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zondag 10 augustus 2014

Prins Hendrik 1915

I found a 1915 postcard and went for a walk, this morning. The trees are older, bigger now, but almost everything is still there, the barracks, the houses.
My aunt Elisabeth lived here, once upon a time. I visited her on birthdays, for tea in delicate china, petit fours, and (rather strange) Ricard. (She was the most beautiful girl of the village in her youth, I developed a taste for absinth, later...)

The folding Brownie, the papers, the developer - all wartime stuff.

dinsdag 5 augustus 2014


 Ich brauchte Sonne, Sommer, Eis.
Vecchio in der Altstadt also, und nach zwei Doppios hatte ich Energie für ein paar Schritte extra, also: nach Heerdt. Wo der Monolith mit sich machen lässt. (Kleines Bild: Oktober 2013.)

E Interesting film: sixties Imperiale S Pan, (Spanish, or Ilford FP3) with "built-in Y filter". In fourties Stierle MQ, the Brownie 2 on Kodak 4 (F22). At Kodak 3 the neg is "better" but I like this fog.

zondag 3 augustus 2014

War Horses

 Beek 1914: roaring Germany is on walking distance. We are neutral, but nevertheless: mobilization, horses get requisitioned.
Today, early morning: bikers, walkers, touristic atmosphere. In my wartime Ernemann I have 1949 Ansco triple S Pan, later developed in 1914 Eastman .

zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

1914 Nijmegen 2014

 A century ago men were gathering at this school in Nijmegen. Mobilization. The HBS is gone, some 1897 houses opposite still standing.
The WWI "Trenches-Ernemann" still going strong, Eastman powders from that time also. Then, and now.

donderdag 31 juli 2014


In 1915 the Netherlands were neutral, and in Nijmegen the concert hall was built. The best acoustic in the land. The rest of Europe was destroyed by the Great War, Ernemann made this fine tiny camera so German soldiers could make heroic pictures in the trenches...
Well, as you see, the building still stands, nicely spoilt by flags and stuff.
I had Fomapan in the wartime Liliput, developed in Eastman powders from that time.

dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Then and now 52

 Comment on the old post card: "only one car!" Well, this morning there still was only one car, but what a difference...
And the "Groote Markt", most of the old buildings are there, but are they really those old buildings?

My 1928 Brownie is genuine, as is the Stierle developer from Marquette, at 5 cts moderately priced and still working (hard, because the modern Shanghai GP3 is, let's say: delicate...)

zondag 27 juli 2014


Once upon a time Nijmegen was a rather posh city, flowers all over the place, big hotels. In the sixties it all crumbled and now all that's left is an Agfa Click-II, green filter, and memories. I had that strange Magnum 25 after I took the picture.
Shanghai GP3 dribbling in fourties Kodak Powders.

En de Luxor is weg, en Taaje Toon, waar ik op mijn verjaardag
eens zwaar getafeld heb, rijstwijn erbij zodat ik half slapend
naar de buurman ging om uit te buiken bij - ik méén
een James Bond film. Of Le Magnifique, die heeft daar
twee jaar gedraaid als nachtfilm. Meesterlijk.