Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zaterdag 7 april 2018

Minox B - one step further

With a splitter (16mm>N8) you also can refill Minox cassettes.

Because normal film is thinner than original Minox/Agfa, transport twice, to prevent overlapping.

Gennep: Kosmo film
Cuijk: Fujicolor 200
(See post below for more info, or click Tutorial)

maandag 19 maart 2018

В Киеве

Original 16 mm film is hard to get and very expensive, so I always cut the last piece of a film to 16 mm. Easy, and enough for 8 negs.
135 Gives 1 strip, 120 even easier,  gives three.

PS Unsharp Silberra? No - I just didn't focus, my fault.

zondag 21 januari 2018

Troubles in Russia

 Noo - the police were very helpful, the soup (as always) very tasteful. But the weather was very dark,
 I underestimated that.
And then there was the MIR 10A - too bulky. I don't like a camerastrap around my neck,
I put my three cameras in my pockets, 10A was too heavy. (P 1+2)

So I took most pics with the (scratched) ЛОМО 135М. (P 3-6)

Back-up camera:
 the half-frame Чайка ll

zondag 14 januari 2018

Then and now 81

The church "on the blood" of czar Alexander.

Ломо 135М

zondag 24 december 2017

The 2017 Christmas Lecture

 - and there's no
 just use your eyes.

The big man, obviously loved,

the old woman,
enjoying Chopins second nocturne.

Eternal friendship

Digital kids

Düsseldorf in the sixties

And Düsseldorf now.

dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Half frame Чайка

18x24 Half frame.

I think it's best for small groups like these,
not for the big landscapes.

Чайка-II performs vèry well with the
28mm Индустар-69,
Fuji200 in vèry tired Colortec.

zaterdag 26 augustus 2017


Yes of course I also was in Germany.
With some of the big names:
third Reich LEITZ and the
BRD ZEISS (left).

Look below for Russia, Italy and the Netherlands