Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zondag 24 december 2017

The 2017 Christmas Lecture

 - and there's no
 just use your eyes.

The big man, obviously loved,

the old woman,
enjoying Chopins second nocturne.

Eternal friendship

Digital kids

Düsseldorf in the sixties

And Düsseldorf now.

dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Half frame Чайка

18x24 Half frame.

I think it's best for small groups like these,
not for the big landscapes.

Чайка-II performs vèry well with the
28mm Индустар-69,
Fuji200 in vèry tired Colortec.

zaterdag 26 augustus 2017


Yes of course I also was in Germany.
With some of the big names:
third Reich LEITZ and the
BRD ZEISS (left).

Look below for Russia, Italy and the Netherlands

maandag 31 juli 2017


And (see posts below) of course I made some pics in the Netherlands; with the 1928 Brownie 116, and the fifties Colorsnap and the Argus + Cintar.

woensdag 19 juli 2017


 And I also (see post below) was in Firenze, once again.
With the 120 Ferrania Eura, the 127 Bencini and Ibis, and my "new" 135 Closter Sport.

zondag 2 juli 2017


 Of course I was in Russia, this winter. With the Horizon 202, Zenit 122 + Юпитер 11,
the Ломо 135 м.
I simply forgot to put some pictures here..

woensdag 28 juni 2017

minolta 16QT

I never shoot 36 pics on a 135 film, so I often cut off about 30 cm to put it in my 16mm Киев or Minoltas, for 6 or 7 pics.
Always nice to really use them, and not only "possess".
(This was Fomapan100 in old Orwo A 03)

vrijdag 19 mei 2017

The May 2017 cross-over

 Once again I show you a tiny bit of my disgraceful digital life.
Starting with the Jays that were born in my bedroom, (yes, also this year they enjoy my hospitality) a Cybershotpic, and then all the other birds I like so much, with the Sigma.

donderdag 16 maart 2017

Al fresco !

Frühling - Schweinelendchen noch drinnen, aber doppio draussen. Und weil demnächst Sommer, Italien:

1957 Closter Sport testen.
Mit Schraubenzieher und cyanacetat lässt sich nicht jedes Problem beseitigen, aber das regt mich nicht auf.

woensdag 8 februari 2017

Die Eroberung der digitalen Welt

Demnächst: Geburtstag.
Also: Sekt - und Mörchen mit Médaillons. Einkaufen bei Karstadt: RosmarinKartoffeln, die "Caviar"Trilogie von Friedrichs und mehr. Schönes Wetter auch noch!

In der Horizon 202 war 1987 HP5. Von Ilford, versteht sich.