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maandag 23 augustus 2010

1910 - 2010 a Century of photography

Today is the end, or the beginning (depending where you start) of this trip through 100 years of photography, that I started on July 29. And of course it's about my centenarian: Kodak's No.2 Pocket Folding Brownie 120.

We tend to think photography then was primitive. Well it was - like F1 racing was in 1970! And nobody would say that. In 1910 photography was 70 years old, look how sophisticated that camera-front is, read what is written in my also 1910 Brockhaus!

Yes - colour was not common - in Gibson's "Miracles of Photography" (±1912) there are only three chapters about colour-photography (50 years after James Clerk Maxwell's first colour-photograph!) and I couldn't get any Autochrome (so beautiful!) alas.
So we put some Agfa in the Kodak, developed it in Colortec and see how this meniscus performs today! Isn't it great?
Jeroen/Imagraphy made the picture at the 2010 JubJam (100 years Scouting in Holland).

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