Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zondag 30 september 2012


Noooo - nòt the chocolate bisquits! The kids, of course. Ànd my 1966 Школьник. With a problem: a rather strange leak.
Or is that the infamous ShanghaiGP3 again? Even in 1976 Реактив causing problems?
I'll keep you informed.

BTW this детский фотоаппарат can also produce "grown up" photography...

zaterdag 29 september 2012


Okay, children, attention please.
The Horizon 202 was made around 1991 in Krasnogorsk, and that is Russia.

The Tasma 250 film was made before 1990 in Kuybyshev, now Bolgar, and that is Tatarya.

The Reaktiv developer was made before 1976 in Lviv, and that is Ucraina.

For the technicians: I had the "slow speed", wide open (because that produces almost no banding) at F2,8 in the evening sun. The film has the usual problems (as you can see, and I don't mind).

vrijdag 7 september 2012

Last of the summer wine - another year

Ich sitze mit dem Marquis bei Madrid und geniesse die pinchos morunos. Perfekt. Und, etwas später, meinen Doppio bei Tolle-Plätzchen-Leysieffer.
Und Eis. Auch perfekt.
Aber die Schatten werden länger....

Auf AgfaOrtho in der смеиа

woensdag 5 september 2012


Yes, I did a lòt of "Then and Now", this year. Tested old film and flash-bulbs, endured (not always) an ill friend.
But I also did some nostalgic sight-seeing.
Found the place where, once upon a time, I had my caffè corretto in the morning.
Well, that was then, and now it's gone.

Next stop: Иркутск.