Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

dinsdag 31 juli 2012


"Tabloid", did start just as a design ( ovoid tablet ) and then started a war when compact papers stole the name. BW&Co. lost that, alas. But their developer, from around 1926 was superb: the cloudy solution still works almost 90 years later. Look at the small picture, that's 10% of the whole negative. (Shanghai GP3!)

donderdag 26 juli 2012

Eine deutsche Zeitmaschine.

 Jaaa, der Käfer ist bloss retro, aber das bin ich ja selber auch, irgendwie. Von heute, und von gestern.
"Das werden wohl àndere Bilder als digital?" fragt er. "Licht, sag'ich, Licht und meine Jugend. Damals."
Ansonsten ist es mal wieder ein Blitzbesuch, zu heiss für langes Spazieren.
Conejo und Marques de Alella bei Madrid, und Nussbecher - nein: heute an der Kö, Ristorante Buongiorno, wegen des Bildes hier oben.

Die Zeitmaschine, alles Sechziger: Agfa Click mìt Gelbscheibe und Isopan ISS. In Rodinal, versteht sich!

Apropos damals: die von der Rheinischen Post ist wenigstens noch gelb. So'n Bissken.

woensdag 25 juli 2012

100! Jubilee!

This is the 100th film I tested, so I took something special: the only 12th lot of 1975 Тасма (probably, no name on the box) B&W reversal.
Details on photostream erwinruys.

What you see is the monument for Operation Market Garden.

zondag 22 juli 2012


Early morning, empty house, light and shadow.

Elmar 9cm, in the Frankenstein I underexposed 1989 AgfaOrtho, in Реактив.

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

The morning after

The 4Days-carnival is over, the DAR workers achieve the impossible: a clean city in less than 24 hours.

Shanghai GP3 in the Салют + Мир 65mm.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

4 Days Marches Чаика

Not really a test, the Olympus film was in Eastman VSOP, and this Chaika film in fresh seventies Реактив, so let's not compare, just say that the little 1970 Chaika is not bad at all! Better than expected - like the weather this week.

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Pontoon-bridge 2012

Tradition: 4Days-thursday: the pontoon-bridge near Cuyk. Always interesting, this year again the weather was friendly (I love pontoon-bridges in the rain!) but so were the girls who served coffee and a cream-muffin (whàt?!)

On my old ФЕД-2 was a younger Industar, I put the 1973 Ilford fearlessly in seventies Реактив. 

dinsdag 17 juli 2012


First: the weather is not as bad as predicted. Second: this is the last film in the centenarian. Lasted almost six weeks, several films and what you see here is half frame (and 1973 Ilford) so chapeau, uncle Eastman!

My ± 1973 Olympus Pen only does 1/30 at F22 but I don't mind.

zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Be Unstoppable

4-Days Marches in Nijmegen, and the weather is sàd. Let's just hope for the best...

The Eastman centenarian I prepared over one month ago still works, but it's getting tired as you see.

In the ± 1970 half-frame Чаика II was 1973 Ilford FP.

The students? Give them a bottle of beer and they won't mind rain nor rubbish...
And walk, walk, walk.

donderdag 5 juli 2012

Good advice?

I got this with some very exciting Tabloid developer from Burroughs Wellcome & Co.
I can't find a date, probably ± 1926, "for Gaslight Papers and Lantern Slides".
Not sure if I want grease on my fingers when handling film in the developer...

("Hazeline" still exists; I will explain the word Tabloid when I show the results of the developer test later, it's interesting.)

maandag 2 juli 2012

Cathédrale engloutie

There's a lot of building going on in my home town, the big church seems to drown. We can only hope for the best, (knowing that in the past....)

# La Cathédrale Engloutie, famous prélude from Debussy ± 1910, maybe just as old as the developer I used.