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donderdag 22 maart 2012

Jessop in Montauk

WHO?! And Whère?
Well, "Jessop" film is in fact 1999EFKE R50, but Montauk is very vèry old developer, no date, but I think it's pre-sixties at least.
I bow my head in admiration.

The technical info is at flickr photostream erwinruys as usual.

woensdag 21 maart 2012

20° Frühling!

Gutes Schuhwerk ist angesagt denn die Bahn streikt mal wieder, und danke der Nachfrage, ja, das Knie funktioniert wieder tadellos.
Aber dann schafft spanischer Wein was Водка Калиновая nicht schafft: der Marques Alella haut mich um. Madrid in der Bolkerstrasse. Lècker!
Drei Segafredo bei Vecchio in der Marktstrasse bringen mich, mehr oder weniger, auf die Beinchen.
Und zuhause zeigt sich der Реактив ein Jungbrunnen für den Свема65.

1982 Свема65 in the Салют, 8 mins developed in rather old Реактив: crisp and clear, a bit contrasty and the sticky paper had dried out but I thought of that!

zaterdag 17 maart 2012


Testing the 1982 Agfa Optima Sensor Flash Electronic (Shakespeare...) with fresh Ilford FP4plus. I hate that sensor button, (no click, but pzziew) and I am very disappointed by the FP4, in old Реактив. Very nice weather, though!

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Time-machine (2)

Isn't this great: look at the shoes! Modern again - like they were 40 years ago!
With my Yashica 635 plus Sun Aux, the Plus-X prof a bit older, 1965, but  the Реактив ànd the Фиксаж very seventies.

On the small picture is my first Time Machine: 1946 Perpantic in the 1938 Leica with 1945 Elmar. More info on both: flickr photostream erwinruys.

zaterdag 10 maart 2012

A Russian tutorial

I decided to go all the way, today. Wow. Although I have to say that composing this tutorial, with the "help" of Blogger was the hardest part.

So I put my Industar 28mm on the FED, innocent like a child. You can see what came out, do I have to name it? Vignetting, coma, everything that's in the book. My fault: it's for the half-frame Chaika...

So beware: they are on Ebay "for Leica etc." but don't do that! And in July, at last, I got my Чаика: perfect! Very nice lens for half frame.

But what did I know. Took a modern Uсrainian Svema and remembered that double-Ilford, it was sooo thin and floppy. And I was right: the FED tore it to pieces.

The Russian standard-drum. I practised a bit, it's an inside-out half-spiral, a bit weird but not bad once you mastered the technique.

The (also Ucrainian) Reaktiv was a bit cloudy, but I used it as prescribed on the film, 7 mins and the negatives were okay, almost as I expected...

After two days the Fixage was grey/brown - never saw that, but it made the film very clear, so no problem here.

Conclusion: the fresh Svema is dangerously thin, the Industar 28mm is very "LOMO"...
Oh, and the Leningrad worked fine, indicating nicely what I expected.

woensdag 7 maart 2012

D'dorfa, città deserta

Die Stadt ist verlassen, denn die Strassenbahnler streiken, ach mein armes kaputtes Knie. Ich weh' fast von der Brücke, aber unten sind die Schafe, ein Bild meiner Jugend, ich werde euch damit nicht langweilen...
In der neunziger Elikon 35CM habe ich heute 1992 Свема, wird entwickelt, mehr oder weniger, in Реактив aus den Siebzigern und das Фиксаж ist bestimmt genau so alt...

For technical details about the Russian film, developer, camera, look at my flickr photostream erwinruys