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I understand almost nothing

woensdag 21 december 2016

The 2016 Christmas Lecture

This year nothing "technical"- just some pictures to show you what I like in analogue photography.

Made with some 1964 Russian print paper in de contemporary Linhof Technika.
Simple, quiet.

Nice gamut, nice atmosphere, very "summery"
This is Тасма ФН 32 behind the lovely soft МИР-10А.

Dutch landscape.
Vèry Dutch.
Orange filter on the Sigma.

I lòve the pastel colours.
KodakGOLD200 in Digibase (hùh?).
And again the Mir 10A - I àm a WA-man.

Here, again, I love the "old" colours and, I think, the "Dutch" atmosphere.

 Above: yes, sometimes I dó some Picasa!

Left: but I'm really addicted to darkroom challenges...

Above: Russia
(Velikij Novgorod).
I love Russia. Bought really nice socks in this little park.

Left: I did some simple macro, this summer. And I like this picturesque picture.
Fujicolor in the Bantam Colorsnap (!)

Yes: made this summer, not a century ago.
ZT-8 in the half-frame Чайка

Macro again, but this time HiTec: Jupiter 11 on the 21mm tube.
Nice composition.

For more tutorials (more technique) click on the label below.

vrijdag 16 december 2016

Nikkormat FT2

A test. Very heavy, this Nikon, but still works fine.
Fomapan 100 in very, very, vèry old Orwo A 03

donderdag 8 december 2016

Rübli !

Denn ohne Mörchenkäse kein Weihnachtsgefühl. Und Kaminwürstchen.
Heute Agfa ISI auf der Agfa ISO - Fuji 200 ohne Kassette drin, das geht.