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maandag 12 september 2016

The 2016 Summer Lecture: Macro

 On Flickr I have an album:
Macro with humble cameras
(Erwin Janssen Ruijs)

Mostly done with 1D, 2D and 3,5D push-ons, others with a tube, on really simple cameras.

I had a lot of fun with them, this summer.

HOWITSDONE: The push-on in my pocket, and a rope with knots at around 35 and 50cm on the camera. Nothing else, simple and quick. No tripod - I'm a sniper. 

The lenses: Agfa1 and 2 Dioptres, they fit on several Agfas: Click and Clack, Iso Rapid and Isola. And also on the 1936 KW Pilot! 
The Russian 2D fits on the Retina Xenon and the Colorsnap, the Shkolnik and the Smena; the 3,5 D is for the old Lubitel 2, but it also goes on the Kodak Duo 620! From the 8mm Quarz I use the F=240 (the 716 is hardly worth the trouble) on that strange T-43 with 39m screw.

With SLR's I simply move towards the subject untill in focus. At at least 5,6 so I can see something...

With the Russian 3.5 on the DUO620 the knots are 23,5 and 29,5 cm to front lens, rather strange.

Picture below: "a rópe?"

3D Stereo with the Iloca: keep the subject simple, because the 3D effect is superproportional, rather chaotic in nature, but also very nice. (Eyes relaxed on inf, concentrate on the ghost pic in the middle.)

More interesting stuff: Label TUTORIAL below.

zondag 11 september 2016


I always was interested in cat-burglary, and roofs...

1955 Agfa Isola, Ektar100 in Colortec