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zondag 24 april 2011

Pinhole Day

...and a very Happy Easter, schöne Ostertage, prettige paasdagen, Christos anèsti, Buona Pasqua!

The technique: I had a F 128 hole in my Hasselblad-bodycap, on sixties Agepe FF;
Jeroen had at least F 256 and < 1965 Plus-X in his HB.

woensdag 20 april 2011

The 2011 Easter Lecture

In the Christmas Lecture I spoke about converters etcetera. But they were for sophisticated cameras: CRF, SLR and TLR.
So this time it's about the simple and cheap boxes and how good they can be - sometimes.
Four old cameras with close-up possibilities. As always: not science, just fun (and a bit of experience...) Look at he posts below (Blogger could not compose a big one in 2011) for the surprising results; more pictures (also of the lenses) on the flickr photostream.

With the ± 1962 Agfa Click-II
I have made nice pictures in the past with the not só close-up (8-13 feet) in-built lens. But in the test, as you can see, it was rubbish.

The ± 1946 Brownie Target 616 is the outsider: close-up means removing the first meniscus, not add an extra lens. It's on a spring, very handy: you cannot forget it. Focus 5-10 feet and the picture is indeed sharper. The whole picture, also beyond ten feet... So the single meniscus is better than the double.

And then there is the 1930 Red Brownie 2. You'll have to buy that extra "portrait attachment nr.1" but it is great! "The subject must be exactly 3,5 feet from the lens" (you know how severe miss Kodak can be...) and then it is very sharp. This is the camera I'll take on my holiday in stead of the Hasselblad and I am nòt joking!

The last, oldest one is the pre-1930 Ensign 29. The extra lens is removable attached to the camera, focus around 6 feet and it definitely works better than visible in the test-picture. Reason: I have to put 127 film in the 29 camera and EFKE film wobbles always. (In all my 127 cameras!) So let's not blame Houghton-Butcher.

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Adriawetter in der Bergerstrasse

Eine kleine Japanerin lässt mich Photos machen mit ihrem Telefon. OMG! Wie superschnell und bequem ist doch meine 1938 Frankenstein. Und bitte kein artistischer Kram wie Komposition oder Perspektive sagt sie - oh Hokusai, deine Kinder!
Im Altstadt Restaurant finde ich mehr Flexibilität: da krieg' ich auch was nicht unbedingt auf der Karte steht.
Douze Points, schon jetzt für Bergerstrasse 17!

1945 Elmar 90mm auf RolleiRetro100

donderdag 14 april 2011

Photopan / Panorama WWII

Wartime: the film is shorter (3/4) and has all kinds of other features: double name (spy?), double back-paper (place black paper over red window: highly sensitive 32° Scheiner = ±125 ASA; luckily my Duo620 has metal window-shutters...)
Yes: it hàs lost sensitivity after those seven decades, but what a nice grain has the image that is still obtained.

zaterdag 9 april 2011

Nijmegen 2011

I almost always carry my Frankenstein. Looking up, bikes on a balcony, or a hunter. Biking tourists, talking ladies, granddad and the barrel-organ.
There's always something to see, nothing special, just the world.
1/40 At 12,5 mostly, on RR100. With the 50mm and 90mm Elmars.

vrijdag 8 april 2011

1946 (International)

1946 And the bridge at Nijmegen is still standing proudly.
My uncle has fallen in love with his (Finnish) nurse - he is a
shot-down (half-German)
war-pilot, they will marry and have a son.
My (Dutch) little brother is one year young,
and the (Canadian) Target 616 is still a modern camera.

Technical data about the rather obscure (American) Weimet war surplus, and an even better picture are on my flickr photostream.

woensdag 6 april 2011


Auf der Rheinwiese wo ich (omg!) vor fünfzig Jahren mit den Schafen spielte, spielen heute Männer mit der Luft. Man hört nichts - Sonne, Wind.
Eigentlich wollte ich die Nahlinse meiner Click testen. Nach der Ofenkartoffel mit Räucherlachs und zwei Gläschen Prosecco auf der Promenade hab' ich's gelassen. Frühling.

zondag 3 april 2011

Ensign 29

Still working on that Easter Lecture, today with the blue 1930 Ensign.

zaterdag 2 april 2011


Ja, ist noch vom Altweiber, aber das Negativ war beschädigt, ein Teil leider unbrauchbar.
Gefällt mir trotzdem sehr: grosser Kerl, kleines Herzchen.

1930 Brownie No. 2

I'm preparing the 2011 Easter Lecture (with at least one great result!) and look (again) how very impressive my red Brownie performs!
On modern FP4. Sunny weather, Kodak 3 (= F22).