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I understand almost nothing

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Passing by (2)


Of course I wanted to test my unique Russian Svema65 1973 film in the also 1973 Zenit 80, but I couldn't convince the cardboard back to bend, so I had to put it in the 1983 Lubitel. And then I couldn't remove the orange filter. And then the shutter stuck. And my flickr photostream broke down (but that is not Russian!). So here is some Lomography for you. Nazdoroviè!

vrijdag 26 november 2010


This is the <1972 Triple Print C22 developed in Tetenal C41. HÀ!
Details: flickr photostream. (1938 Kodak/Nagel Duo 620)

PS - the Edwardians had a red/blue colour movie system!

woensdag 24 november 2010


This afternoon in Oberkassel little children were decorating the Christmas tree - with some help from the fire-brigade.
Biiiig smiles everywhere.
Yes: 1/200 at F9 was a bit too optimistic, even for:
Ektapress 400 (no box, pre 2000?) in the Frankenstein, film number 13 in the 1 ltr. Colortec (!) at this time 35 degrees.

zondag 21 november 2010


Last week it was raining cats and dogs, so I took my 1950 Agifold, hammered 1993 Fujicolor 400 in and got soaking wet. Great! (In still not exhausted Colortec.) (Nooo: the film.)

donderdag 18 november 2010


Couldn't wait any longer, and got a perfect afternoon. Ànd the 1994 Fujicolor superHG performed well in the ±1974 Instamatic, developed in still the same "well used" Colortec at 30 degrees. (see below)

donderdag 11 november 2010

Colortec, again

Spent the afternoon developing ± 10 films, Agfa Optima and Kodacolor. No joy with the (very) old 110 and Bantam, they came out clear green (??) but Jeroen's pictures from America are all right (40mm on the HB, yes: forty millimeter) and my 100 years Brownie also going strong. (Tetenal on 35 degr)
Three hours work on Lavazza and Fürst von Metternich...

Small pic: a week later Colortec (this time 30 degr) still performs good - maybe some purple haze?

maandag 8 november 2010


In my teaching-days I tested everything you could roll up in anything you shouldn't drink, but today I tested the 25th "vintage" film: July 1983 Kodak technical pan 2415 (thank you, Jeroen) in the 1957 Colorsnap. Cheers! (More on my flickr photostream.)

woensdag 3 november 2010

Lost dream - bankrupt.

1956 FP3 in the 1957 Colorsnap Bantam

maandag 1 november 2010

RPS Historical group

This November one year on flickr: the RPS HISTORICAL GROUP.
I chose this picture because two great photographers made it a favourite - I'm honoured. Have a look, it's in my "addicted to light"-set, and visit their photostream. (1956 Contina on Fomapan400)