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I understand almost nothing

maandag 21 februari 2011

AFRICA ! (2)

This is bigger than analogue photography

(Africa 1 look below. I made these sculptures a few years ago)

donderdag 17 februari 2011

Testing... 2

Well, comparing 1962 Perutz Peromnia and 1963 Ilford Selochrome was easy. Both had fog, but what a difference, and Peromnia lost almost all sensitivity while Selochrome was still 21/100.
PS Selochrome wins - but do not forget: I don't know how the films were stored all that time! As I said earlier: no science, just fun.

Kaiserwetter an der Kö

Tradition: Geburtstag feiere ich in Düsseldorf, wo denn sonst. Baustelle wohin das Auge blickt, aber dieses Trompe L'Oeil verspricht was wir so um 2014 geniessen werden.
Selochrome hält sein Versprechen schon heute. Der 48+ Film liefert mit dem 1938 Tessar wieder perfekte Bilder.
Nächster Termin: Altweiber!

woensdag 16 februari 2011

Musica per omnia

The Perutz Peromnia had to be overexposed (several seconds) and underdeveloped (half the normal time) but then there wàs an image, outside (see flickr) even better!

Jan 1962 Perutz Peromnia in the 1955 Brownie 620 (Top: 1937)

zaterdag 12 februari 2011


Then and now 24

There is a 145 years gap between the two pictures and there were some changes, especially after WWII. The whole embankment has changed, and not for the better, I think. Only three groups of original houses are left.
But then again: I do drive a car, enjoy central heating, use the computer...
And take pictures with the Elmar/Frankenstein on RolleiRetro100.

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Then and now 23

In the fifties/sixties, my school was nearby, we went to this viaduct to vanish in the steam of the locomotives, always nice. But make no mistake: Nijmegen was a modern city: we had those trolley-busses!
Now they run on natural gas. Yes, I know: it's better.
But where has the fun gone?

More "Then and now..." October 2010 and before.


...and comparing.

In the forthcoming weeks I will test pairs of (expired) film, old and very old, or different brands. Not very scientifically, I'll use different (contemporary) cameras, or work on different days, but fun nevertheless.

Today: 1966 Plus-X in the 1964 Werra compared with 1993 Tmax in the seventies Canon FTbQL. Bright sun against dull sky. The older combination wins: the 45+ film still great, the "aus Jena" 50mm very sharp, the camera very handy. Better weather also.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Die Taube heisst Joseph

Oder Thomas. Kurt, oder Tod in Venedig Gustav. Und das Wort das alle heutzutage im Munde haben und immer weniger Bedeutung hat: Ehrlichkeit.
Ich hatte bloss 1993 Tmax in der 1972 Canon, 1979 50mm.

Google: Beuys Mann Tucholsky Mahler

woensdag 9 februari 2011

maandag 7 februari 2011


The eleventh Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day will be celebrated on
Sunday, April 24 this year. Join! There's information on www.pinholeday.org

zondag 6 februari 2011

After the flu

12 Degrees celsius, a lot less than mine last week, still midwinter but great to feel the wind in my - well, that's the past. RolleiRetro100, 1/40 at F6.3 Elmar 50mm 1938 on the Frankenstein.

#Stormy Weather, 1933 Arlen & Koehler