Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

vrijdag 30 december 2011

The Shadow of Time

For the whole story, look at my Flickr Photostream.

maandag 26 december 2011

Miracle on Boxing Day

This 135 was sold to me as "Perpantic 1946" and I have reasons to believe that. But then it's unbelievable: yes, it does need a strong contrast, and I do see some grain but hey: no fog, good usable image and she is 65 years old!

I gave her the overexp/underdev treatment, so ± 6 mins in the Rodinal, but I really doubt that was necessary.
In the 1938 Retina II, Xenon at 5,6 a couple of seconds.

zaterdag 24 december 2011


Umstritten, aber wäre ich ein Held gewesen?

Februar 2015:
Nicole Heesters, seine Tochter, erhält den Louise-Dupont-Goldtopas, den ältesten deutschen Theaterpreis für Darstellerinnen.

vrijdag 23 december 2011

End of the year

Time for some reflexion. Clear out the mess. What should I tear down, what build up.

PS - Marcus Aurelius, or maybe a glass of wine to deepen the thoughts?

woensdag 21 december 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt (5)

Ich bin sicher: dieser Schlittschuhknirps wird den Kampf gewinnen, denn er hat Ausdauer und gute Laune (und Knie aus Stahl).
Drei Reibekuchen sind mir zuviel, aber der Wandersmann nimmt mir gerne Einen ab - danke, Freund!
Und nachher steige ich früher aus, denn der Spaziergang durch gaslichtbeleuchtetes Oberkassel ist ein Genuss.
Bald ist Weihnachten.

Technical info for the grumpies: 1/25 in the dark, no flash because I don't have a cable any more, no CRF and the 1938 Elmar at ± 4. But a lot of fun.

zondag 18 december 2011

woensdag 14 december 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt (4)

Es regnet! Naja - zwei Minuten, reicht um das Pflaster schön nass zu machen für Reflektionen und so. Heute ohne Stativ, 'n bisschen primitiv, also. Aber mit Mörchenkäse und Wildschweinwürstchen.

Same place and time as 30 Nov to compare the RolleiRockhard to that King's Royal. Quod erat expectandum, but nevertheless...

woensdag 7 december 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt (3)

Gottseidank hatte ich mein Stativ mit, denn plötzlich macht meine Praktica nur noch tick öhhhhhhhhh tick, sechs bis zehn Sekunden. Die Blende löst das Problem, der Nachmittag in Düsseldorf ist gerettet. War mit Wildblaubeermuffin und crêpe (wir sind ja nicht nur schicki-micki, sondern auch international...) sowieso wieder ganz gemütlich.

The Praktica broke down, did only ± 8 secs expos. On 1995 Tmax.

woensdag 30 november 2011

Schicki-Micki ? Ja gèrne!

Denn: lieber Lebensfreude ohne Nivo, als Niveau ohne Lebensfreude. Schicki-Micki ist coool!
Hat übrigens nichts mit dem heutigen Bild zu tun:

This is problematic 127 King's Royal (Gevaert?) in the Ferrania Ibis. Not 125 ASA anymore. As you see.

vrijdag 18 november 2011


On December 30 Nijmegen also will be bitten by the Starbug.
After the Ukraine and Düsseldorf.
So yesterday I didn't only photograph the Weihnachtsmarkt, but also "my" Starbucks. On 1962 FP3 in the 1957 Colorsnap Bantam.

donderdag 17 november 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt! (1)

Sonne - von Karstadt bis zum Rathaus. Aber es duftet schon sehr weihnachtlich und der Mandelstollen von Polster schmeckt vorzüglich. Die 8 Aufnahmen 828 reichen absolut nicht, aber wir haben noch fünf Wochen.

zaterdag 12 november 2011


It's not an event, it's a feeling.

With the 1950 Paxette.

donderdag 10 november 2011

OCEHb (5)

Cold, the fog is thick as rain, looks like that French movie "Un Flic" (Melville 1972).

Auf dem Fluss die Welt entdecken is no option, today.

woensdag 9 november 2011

Les Demoiselles

Late evening in rainy Florence.

(Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Picasso 1907...)

maandag 7 november 2011

OCEHb (4)

To celebrate, today (look below: November Spring), one of the first pictures I made, 1964 with my first Lubitel. Of course I still have one, и её люблю !

Three faces of autumn (OCEHb 3)

All with yellow filter on the 1977 Pentacon 50 mm.

zondag 6 november 2011

OCEHb (2)

This year we had the mushrooms and the warm coats four months ago, and today sunny 14° but next week I'll be drinking Glühwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt.
Na zdorovjè!

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Moon over Jena ;)

Well, my 1977 Pentacon can handle a lot, but the dead-straight contre-jour, produced by the moon in the middle was too much for this fine GDR aus Jena lens.

donderdag 3 november 2011

November Spring

No - not the weather, I'm talking The PEOPLE. Against, for, or in Russia.
Poland, the Eighteen Thirties, which produced some of Chopin's finest work.
And then the Russian October Revolution that in fact took place in November.
And of course 1989, the end of the GDR - and of great products like the "aus Jena" lenses, made by Zeiss workers. Who, in the sixties, were allowed to construct the remarkable Werra.
So I took my 1964 Werra 2E to commemorate all that.

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

MOCKBA 28 okt 2011

Well, this is of course "only" Nijmegen, but my Russian friends knów. Congratulations! And it wàs made with the Lubitel.

zondag 23 oktober 2011

Marx on Verichrome

I live in the oldest city of the Netherlands. Ulpia Noviomagus, Romans all over the place, some supposed Charlemagne and that's it.
But also Henriette Presburg and Hermann Marx were born here, Mother and brother of Karl. Where the house stood it's all bright and clean now, I prefer the higher part, more like it was a century ago.

Sixties Verichrome, 1/2 sec at F8 in the 1973 Salyut

donderdag 20 oktober 2011


...denn die Sonne scheint - nòch.
Aaaalso: RheinbahnStarbucksKarstadtDrosteKaufhofPuppe. Und die Sonne scheint immer noch. Aber bei Heinemann in Oberkassel wartet Rudolf schon im Schaufenster...
Oja: zwischendurch, leider ohne Gelbscheibe, die Svema64 getestet:

E The Svema64 was black. Had lots of other problems (see Flickr). But in the end I had several nice images - better than the Tasma65, so I don't complain.

zondag 16 oktober 2011

Cuijk Spectaculair

Nooo - not the picture, the event was called that way. Great weather, super retro scooters but the 1985 TACMA in the 1957 FED did not perform well, alas. Look for the gruesome details on my Flickr photostream.

donderdag 13 oktober 2011


Only one guest in the pub; long shadows, reflexions in the rain and a wise cat in the sun. Thursday morning in Nijmegen isn't thàt bad after coffee and chocolate-cake. Autumn.

1957 Kiev 2A, orange filter on the old Jupiter (I prefer the "lesser" coated old one).
 All 1/50  ±F4,5

BTW That´s so nice: the Salyut filter-set also fits the Lubitel and the Jupiters.

zondag 9 oktober 2011


Hey - didn't I still have some Tetenal coffee? Over nine weeks old now, but it works fine at 35° and 7,5 mins.
200 ISO Macocolor in the 1965 Starluxe II

I think the clean touristic Dutch view can't possibly match the Russian waterside, more than a century ago.

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Montagne Russe

Well, a dire il vero: no montagne russe, but a lot of other scary stuff, this week, and look at this sky! Doctor Who came in my mind... 
The Svema250 looks very tired, but I did treat her rather mercyless: like 400ASA in Promicrol, but it was just Rodinal 1:50, as usual, so I don't blame her.

Russian fall

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Russian CRF's

I really love Russian cameras (and photography!) but the CRF's I have simply never work. The FED doesn't take neither Elmar 50 nor 90, so I have to guess the distances. Doesn't matter, even at F 3,5 as you can see...

woensdag 5 oktober 2011


Jaaaa - vielleicht war es dàs, aber ich habe tatsächlich den Weg verloren. Und wiedergefunden, só umgekrempelt is Düsseldorf nun auch wieder nicht. Und die Horizon 202 is perfekt für Umbau-Architektur, wâ?
Der moderne Tourist entschied sich für digital, auch gut.

maandag 3 oktober 2011

There and here (3)

The official start of a new Label...