Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Prelude 2000

Around 2007 I bought a.o. the Cyber-shot H9. I hadn't photographed for ten years, the little Kodak digi was not bad, but the 15X Zeiss Tessar was the attraction (for this Hasselblad-man). Well: forget it. The best thing is the huge lens-hood. Very impressing.

donderdag 29 juli 2010

Century of Photography

This spring and early summer a spent a lot of time birdwatching. I also made a series of ± 20 drawings: "the Art of Wrestling". So now it's time to return to the cog-wheels, the guillotine- and Compur-shutters of real cameras. Starting in August I shall make a trip to 1910, with stops at every decennium. Roll-film, sheet, even some colour will pass. Looking forward to it - anyone seen my rucksack?

The picture: yes, it's me. Almost exactly 60 years ago.

donderdag 22 juli 2010


Last year it was raining só heavily, I had to take my 1980 Nikonos - but building the bridge in the cold, wet mud was rather spectacular (small picture). This year I took the 1916 Ernemann (Roadmouse: I "modified" the 9X12 Bob O to take 120 film) and the weather made it, ehhhrm, boring. So I bought some great cakes at Harrie-Jan Loeffen's and went home to overdevelop the RolleiRetro400 in Rodinal...

125mm Detektiv Aplanat, F12,5 (=16) at ±1/50

zondag 18 juli 2010

Walk of the world

40,000 Walkers, 1,400,000 visitors, more than 60 nations. Four days in my home town, Nijmegen.
1938 Kodak (Nagel) Duo 620 (Tessar 75mm, all 1/100 at F11, measured with the Nebro Visual (=optical) exposure meter);
pre-1970 Ilford Selochrome (160 ASA) in eternal Rodinal (1:50 11m.)

vrijdag 16 juli 2010


These days I spent a lot of time putting my flickr photostream erwinruys on the map. Interesting to see where I took my pictures - or where those old photographic ateliers were. Have a peek!

Ànd I discovered a portrait made by Adriaan Boer, the father of Dutch amateur-photography. This is real "vintage"! (Adr. Boer, Dick Boer, Focus magazine, grey-tones... childhood memories.)

zondag 11 juli 2010

Rock 'n Roll in Mill

Well, at 28 degrees in the shadow it was more slow-rock. But the oldtimers were gorgious: Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Dodge, and the réal stuff: fins, chrome - and the colours: pink, blue, FUN!
My 1951 Iloca is older than most of them, but still going strong. You know how it works: print on 10x15, relax your eyes and hey presto: 3D real stereo! Like the sixties' View-Master. (On FP4 in Rodinal.)