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I understand almost nothing

maandag 30 november 2009


At first sight the Agifold looked okay, (very dusty after the scouring, some scratches still ) but that "RolleiRetroAgfa" is not! Look at the undulating kymation (cornice?) - and it's not sharp in the centre. It's like the 127 in my Starluxe. A film-problem, I think, because the HP5 was plane. Big sigh.

Second thought: I mostly walk around with an open folder, but this time I shut it every time ( because it's a bit clumsy ) and it's possible that these big bellows blew or sucked the film out of focus!

vrijdag 27 november 2009

Work to do

I won't even try to retouch the telephone wires - I just have to clean (scour) the camera. Sigh!

1950 Agifold Agilux, 4,5 90mm anastigmat on HP5 (and look how BIG this monster is)

donderdag 26 november 2009

Pia Beck

I just heard she reached the end of her keyboard. "Pia's Boogie" was her first big succes, in the year my Argoflex and I were born. What a woman she was!

1949 Argoflex on pre-1970 Selochrome in eternal Rodinal.

zondag 22 november 2009

Sic transit gloria mundi

The gold became rusty, eventually. Luckily silver only "oxidizes" so that we analogue photographers still can produce pictures, for instance with the Werra 2E.

donderdag 19 november 2009


...in the sun! Seventeen degrees. The city is still a mess but who cares? Reibekuchen, Glühwein, crèpes (it's called Paris am Rhein...). And the Sandmar does what I want him to do too. Great day!

maandag 16 november 2009


Waterfilter 1981 - one of the first pictures I made with the EL/M (Distagon 60mm). With that meter-prism, the Metz 60 and the 250mm a real monster. And today, while loading, she exploded with a bang. Look at the battery!

zondag 15 november 2009



Problem solved. This is the Robin(etc.)135mm on the Argus C3 and it's in focus. Already sharp at 5,6 so probably even better at 8+. Lens scale at infinite and CRF scale at 25 feet did it. I am very relieved.

zaterdag 14 november 2009

Santa Claus...

...derives from "Sinterklaas" and today the saint arrived, from Spain, with his steamboat (yes: boat) in the Netherlands. And tonight I'll look at him in stereo through my 1910 viewer (I made appelcrumble with lots of sultanas in apfelkorn).

1951 Iloca, Jlitar 35mm on RolleiRetro 100, not the best for this "winterhard" sunlight-contrast.

You can view it as follows: print on 10x15, eyes relaxed (infinite); it's a trick but you have to practise.

donderdag 12 november 2009

Waiting for summertimes

Only to show the problem: I focussed on Heineken (yeah yeah...) and see what happens.
This is the 50mm Cintar on 3,5. Ergo: the CRF is not correct. I reset it and the test-film looks promising!

On John's comment below: I think the Argus C is a very very beautiful, and clever camera! No, it's not a Leica (saw yours and started to dribble) and until now both mine were problem-children, but they ar so art-deco! Inspiring. Friendly. And soon I'll be making a great picture with that U.S.-Zone Sandmar. Eventually. I hope.

woensdag 11 november 2009

Argus C3

Blogspot60 proudly presents: our new (1956) Argus C3! Dusty, very dusty, I had to take half the CRF out because I couldn't see a thing, but "shutter firing correctly" as the seller put it. And she has the same focussing problem as the C2 so tomorrow I'll calibrate the Enna 100 and see what happens. Can't wait!

PS Hi, John!

zondag 8 november 2009


...is right. It's so much better, this way! Linhof Technika (1960), Schneider 9cm, Fomapan100

zaterdag 7 november 2009

Minopan 400

Not the greatest combination, a 400ASA 8x11mm negative in Rodinal, but the 100ASA wasn't available. But it is so nice, feeling my 1967 super-elegant Minox B again and really using it. Learning the possibilities of that Complan 15mm, and that so clever daylight developing tank. This is a camera you can always have with you - and they still make them!

donderdag 5 november 2009

Autumn rain 2

...and I love it! Kodak/Nagel Retina II 142, Xenon 2,8 (1938)