Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

donderdag 29 september 2011

From Russia, with love

I found this pre-1900 picture from tsaristic Russia and almost "recognised" it. So I tried to copy it, yesterday, with the Russian Horizon202, tram in the background ("das Betreten der Bahnanlage ist strengstens verboten!").

woensdag 28 september 2011

Altweiber (Immer noch, oder wieder)

Das Wetter ist wunderbar: Sonne, 26 Grad und im Schatten angenehm kühler. Aber ich geniesse es nur nebenbei, denn ich bin auf einer Mission, ja iméju odná tsjèlja! Und ich weiss auch genau wó ich das gesuchte Bild machen werde. Neugierig? Morgen im Blog.

Denn ein Blaubeermuffin genehmige ich mir, bei Puppe an der Luegallee noch ein Roggenpüppchen und zuhause wartet Kasseler mit Endivie unter'nander (hoi Pieter!)

maandag 19 september 2011

Three markets, three films

Nijmegen NL The market is all over the place and you can buy anything there: cheese, plants for your garden, shoes. Must be cheap, very cheap.

I had sixties Ilford HP3 (no date: test only) in the HB + Distagon 60mm.

Firenze I The San Lorenzo market is rather big, but very touristic: mostly bags, leather jackets and "stuff". But the Mercato Centrale is also there, for fresh meat and vegetables.

Canon F1, probably. (Kodak TriX?)

Düsseldorf BRD The market on the Carlsplatz looks very "dense", neat. But the food is first class quality ànd interesting, you'll be spoiled for choice.

1973 Orwo NP20 in the 1973 Zenit80

vrijdag 16 september 2011


Fällt mir immer wieder auf: Frauen sehen die 1973 Zenit80 gerne. Sie wird angelächelt und angesprochen. Und recht haben Sie, meine Damen!

Die DDR Orwo NP80, auch von 1973 hat sich sehr gut gehalten. Bisschen rauh und schmutzig, aber sonst okay.

Apropos Kö-Terrassen: màch'es, Jungs! Damit es nicht so wie in meiner Stadt wird. (Oben, suche den Gast.)

E The 1973 GDR Orwo in the 1973 (!) Zenit80 was a bit foggy, but had almost kept the 20 DIN.
 (Hey - Din was West, or did they mean "Democratic Ind.Norm"?)

zaterdag 10 september 2011

One-day summer

Today, 10 September 2011: summer in Nijmegen NL!

PS testing Colortec in the 1950 Ibis; works, so the Tripleprint, see below, was the problem.

maandag 5 september 2011

"Look what they've done...

The blessing of Picasa filtered B&W...

 # Look what they've done to my song, ma... Melanie 1971

zondag 4 september 2011

Then and now 31

Well, I'm not particularly fond of the Piazza Santa Maria Novella; the sun seems always very bright (=hard), here. The church is okay, the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica nearby is very interesting and of course an analogoholic hàs to visit the Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia. Very nice.

 I had Ideal Supremulsion (sixties) in the Brownie 2, exposed 4 secs to get an image. I still cannot give you a link (shame on you, Blogger!) so here is: www.alinarifondazione.it