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vrijdag 10 september 2010

Then and now 9: Landgoed Heydepark

The estate my father was born, 1908. I hadn't been there for 50 years - but both buildings are still there! And more: an old familiar name still owns it, you can have a nice holiday with the horses, and inside the farmhouse is still that step to break your neck!

On the ±1930 photo below: left my father, right his twin-brother.

Today I had the Praktica + 28mm Albinar
(on rather unsharp FP4 -
I noticed yesterday. Or shall we call that "soft"?)
The small coloured one, the dwelling-house, isn't mine. On the also thirties (top), in front of that house: the new (the picture was made at the funeral of his brother Theodore) paterfamilias, my granduncle. The boss - no tie. In the middle (with a cigarette!): my dad.

(Like to see more of the family?
Look at facebook, Erwin Janssen Ruijs.)

btw: Young Joris Ivens (see below) made his very first film (Wigwam, 1912) probably in the woods of the estate.