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zondag 19 september 2010

the Last-Of-The-Summer-Wine Lecture

Nooo - only joking! But Tony Barbaro inspired me to think about (original) lens hoods. Being a contre-jour lover, hoods are important to me, so let's see what I've got.

I do not hunt for the original (on the Retina you see a simple click-on) but I rather like the Agfa one (+ plastic case) Beb gave me. And Jacqueline's Zeiss-Ikon: a click-IN, the only one I know. Then there is that rather art-deco Enna hood for the Sandmar, and her (only 8 mm, what's the use) sister on the Robin. The multi-purpose hood-cover-case on the Giel's Werra.

The picture of the Leica über-hood I stole from gifthorseuk.

I don't have the Rolleiflex (John?!), Contax, or Voigtländer Sonnenschutz - and for the Wörsching-Gegenlichtblende, well I wouldnt die, but I would do a lot!