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I understand almost nothing

woensdag 15 september 2010

Then and now 13: the Bridge

In the mid-sixties I spent my holidays in Oberkassel. And every day we (my nephew and I) walked the bridge or, sometimes, took the Strassenbahn, to have a milk-shake (very modern!) at the Kaufhof. One day we didn't have enough money, so we asked for apple-juice. The lady looked at us, said that boys our age should drink milk - and gave us our shakes!
We spent hours at the escalator, I remember now.
In 1976 they built the new bridge, and shove it in place of the old one.
In the sixties there were still "Radschläger" (bottom picture 1910?), they are extinct now, but you can buy them. In chocolate.

PS - I didn't climb the planetarium today - the wind almost blew me of the lower terrace already!