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I understand almost nothing

maandag 1 februari 2010

About snow

February, I'm looking out of my window: it's coming down! Snow. So: discussion. My point: ask any Inuit, Saami, painter or Dutch driver - snow is not white. And worse: I don't àlways want it to be! Not in photographs. A photo, for ME, is a composition in light and dark, and if, by chance, the darker part is a lamp, and the lighter part is the asphalt street: that's OK for me! I only see the composition. Mondriaan.

Jeroen did use a Y 1,5 filter on his 12 cm Macro Planar; TXP 320 two stops over (for white snow) in Ilfotec. I had the mon-chou-cake and 2 espressos.