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woensdag 11 april 2012

the Morning After

April 1968 FP3 in the 1990< Еликон

This was the 4th in a series of "normal" films, around 100 ASA.
Results: 2006 CBEMA (in Реактив) is too thin to handle and rockhard in contrast. 1968 Isopan (as usual in Rodinal): no joy at all, rather strange because her older 120 sister had no problems. The Ilford FP3, one old, one new box, were as expected: nice fog, nice pics. Better than the FP4 I had recently, but that could be a matter of taste.

And to do justice to the Свема: sunday's picture, this time not behind that half-frame Индустар 69, but the И95, that's 38mm.
It almost looks as if the Свема has a built in yellow filter