Of all the things I know
I understand almost nothing

zondag 15 april 2012


This (again...) is very, very special. I still had one fourties Agfa/Perutz and today I also had the courage to use it.

 And yes: the same happened as over a year ago: brittle film, gelatine went her own way and anti-halo the other.
  But this time I was prepared (which in fact only meant I didn't panic when I saw the mess...) So I had my glass plate ready, managed to catch some gelatine (in the fishing-process I over-stretched the film to 8cm, so later little cracks appeared when drying) and there it is: another time machine.
The "White Mill" was built in 1760, the KW Pilot in 1936, and the (1946?) film was developed in Ansco Vividol, at least 40 years old.
(No, this mill doesn't turn the "wrong" way, it's the mirrored result of "fishing and scanning".)