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zaterdag 10 maart 2012

A Russian tutorial

I decided to go all the way, today. Wow. Although I have to say that composing this tutorial, with the "help" of Blogger was the hardest part.

So I put my Industar 28mm on the FED, innocent like a child. You can see what came out, do I have to name it? Vignetting, coma, everything that's in the book. My fault: it's for the half-frame Chaika...

So beware: they are on Ebay "for Leica etc." but don't do that! And in July, at last, I got my Чаика: perfect! Very nice lens for half frame.

But what did I know. Took a modern Uсrainian Svema and remembered that double-Ilford, it was sooo thin and floppy. And I was right: the FED tore it to pieces.

The Russian standard-drum. I practised a bit, it's an inside-out half-spiral, a bit weird but not bad once you mastered the technique.

The (also Ucrainian) Reaktiv was a bit cloudy, but I used it as prescribed on the film, 7 mins and the negatives were okay, almost as I expected...

After two days the Fixage was grey/brown - never saw that, but it made the film very clear, so no problem here.

Conclusion: the fresh Svema is dangerously thin, the Industar 28mm is very "LOMO"...
Oh, and the Leningrad worked fine, indicating nicely what I expected.