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zondag 27 maart 2011

Testing... 7a

...and comparing sixties (no box, but a metal spool) Tri-X and the 1960 Super Hypan.
Both in the seventies Zenit 80.
The Kodak went probably down to 25 ASA, the Ansco had lost it almost completely but I still have one roll. Both had of course some fog. The third one is Ilford's HPS, 620, so in the Kodak Duo620. That's tomorrow, look above.
Interesting: Tri-X was 400 of course (small pic), Super Hypan was 200 ASA but Ansco said it was 500, and the HPS would be 800 but everybody always doubted that.

PS My scanner still has that "banding"-problem. Hitting it didn't help, nor did shouting. Ideas? SEE COMMENT!