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vrijdag 25 maart 2011

1927 Kern 150mm

Once upon a time I owned a Kern 9x12 camera. But, I took it apart; I was young, what did I know. For some reason I kept the lens. Yesterday I made a lensboard and put it on my Linhof. And look how sharp this 1927 lens is! A bit dirty, the high contrast is probably the Fomapan100 film and my scanner has also some problems, unlike the Compur that fires like a young god. Thank heaven for little girls and big shutters!

1927 Kern Aarau (number 3192) 150mm anastigmat at F12,5 on the 1960 Linhof Technika IV, Fomapan 100 sheet 9x12.

# Thank Heaven... 1957 Lerner/Loewe; 1958 Gigi