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donderdag 22 augustus 2013

3D stereo - howitsdun

This year's "Indian Summer Lecture" is about some fun: 3D photography.
Very easy to do, here are the steps:

1 Make two pictures, appr. 63mm horizontally apart, like your eyes are. You can use any camera, make a pinhole-box, or use a special one like the Iloca above.

2 Crop and align them with Picasa (or your own photoshop-thinghy). You have to think a bit: the left picture has to be at the left - my pinhole-print is wrong, you will never see 3D there!

3 Size: I print on 10x15 cm. If you only want them on your srcreen, the distance has to be 63 mm again.

4 A dark background is better for easy viewing.

5 How to look at them: it's a technique, or a trick. First: relax. Eyes at infinite, then just concentrate on the middle. Or buy a viewer like my Underwood, patented in 1901.

Try it! Download one of my pics above, find the right size for your screen and practise, get those eye-muscles moving. It's fun.

7 Sep Update: just a small hand-held quicky. I moved the camera not only horizontally, but also in a circle (more or less...) and discovered the 3D effect does nòt get better, but rather "well-done" (and I prefer mine "rare"):

And if you can get antique stereoscopic cards - those are real time machines! Great to be in that street, a century ore more ago:

Oh - I always forget the anaglyph method, because I don't have, nor like, the glasses. But that's also rather easy to do:

And of course:

Even in -26 Irkutsk with trowaways 3D is possible!

And, not photography, but nevertheless: