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donderdag 2 februari 2012

1955 смена

"Stalin's Volkswagen" is a very nice, simple camera for "the people". Lubitel-like shutter B - 1/200, Argus-like counter, diaphragm 4,5 - 16.
You need two cassettes because there is no rewind, and you'll have to respool because it's all upside-down (hùh?)
I still had some 1987 Agfaortho 25, rockhard, but the Смена performed very well.
And she is rather elegant!

The explanation for these "strange" upsidedown cassettes: In the USSR it was quite normal to develop at home, everybody did that! You just refilled your cassettes. It's also the reason why the developing times are printed on the film boxes! DIY in optima forma. So hats off for the Товарищы!