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I understand almost nothing

donderdag 27 januari 2011

A German History

1938 Germany was top of the world (well - not everybody thought so) and Leitz made my very fine Leica Standart, still performing (but I have to check that shutter!) smoothly. Six years later Deutschland war in Schutt und Asche, but when the Americans marched into Wetzlar Leitz was still making my 9 cm. Elmar! You definitely can see it has been in the wars, but 1945 was hell. And again six years later some people had the money to convert my Leica and put a CRF on. Wir waren wieder wer! (I cannot translate that, it's a feeling with many aspects...) And today, in the city I love, we are finally repairing and enjoying life.

On the 1938/51 Leica was the 1945 Elmar 90mm F4, July 1999 Tmax100pro.