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donderdag 23 augustus 2012

About food

This Blog is about analogue photography, so first the gruesome details. I had foggy 1976 Verichrome in the 1951 Bencini, 127 film. More about that: Flickr photostream erwinruys.

And now the important stuff.
You all know, probably, the famous view. Enjoy it for a while and then turn around 180° and enter the Borgo S.Lorenzo.
You´ll find the palazzo Medici Riccardi, the Mercato Centrale, the San Lorenzo of course.
And, at the left, Giannino in S.Lorenzo. In my opinion the best ristorante in Florence. Real food - Tuscan food. Try the "Grande Piatto della Tradizione", ravioli al tartuffo, agnello, bistecca - and more. And very nice people too. Don't miss it! And click on the Label "Migliori" below for more of the best.

Ciao amici! Non mi mancano soltanto le crespelle, ma sopratutto la vostra gentilezza. È stata una festa da voi, grazie.