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zondag 20 juni 2010

Rexatar in the morning

Birdwatching at 4 am, rainy and cold. Dark, also. Two hours later it is still cold, but at least there are some birds: it's a B&W experience: Lapwings, Tufted ducks, and Terns! Jeroen's 1975 Rexatar 6.3 400mm on my Praktica, almost impossible to focus but for 69 guilders (1975 price, ±30 Euro!!) what can I expect. My 1980 SSC on Jeroen's Canon does the job better (the Terns are at least 60 meters away, small picture, Fomapan 400)

PS The next day I went back and made beautiful but digital pictures... (Look at my Flickr Photostream "I Love Birds")